Lummi Island Gallery

Opening May 28 with exhibition "PRIDE & JOY"

The Lummi Island Gallery will open it's doors with a stunning exhibition entitled PRIDE & JOY in time for the Artists' Studio Tour that takes place on weekend of May 28 and 29.  The gallery is owned and curated by Bridged Lott, who has previously owned galleries in both Canada and Mexico.

"I am so excited about this gallery," says Bridged. "This beautiful little island abounds with hugely talented artists and artisans and I am thrilled to be able to give them a permanent venue to show their work alongside the raw energy of the stone sculptures from Zimbabwe that I am so passionate about".

PRIDE & JOY is a group show, featuring work by Bridged Lott, Pete L Bowman, Ingrid McGarry, Nancy Ging, Norbie Schmidlin, Lynn Dee, Judy Arntsen, Lesley Dempsey, Paul Dempsey and other local artists and artisans along with the stunning stone sculptures from the Shona people of Zimbabwe, intricate Zulu basketry and exquisite Shangaan embroideries from South Africa plus other African and American tribal fabrics and artifacts. A powerful mix!

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Bridged Lott

Driftwood, 40 x 30 inches, oil on canvas

South African born, Bridged Lott is a retired scientist who often begins her paintings with logic and defined line and quickly becomes caught up in the creative process and simply paints from instinct and intuition. Her work reflects her love of the vivid colors of her native land and her affinity for water, sky and open places. "I can be very detail oriented and have applied this to jewelry design and the creation of sorority and other fabrics. But I am at my happiest when I have a large canvas and a loaded palette knife," says Bridged. "Working with a palette knife gives me the freedom of texture that I need. It is a wonderful process that lies somewhere between painting and carving and suits both my work and personality very well". 

Pete L. Bowman

My Sunshine

Painter and printmaker, Pete L. Bowman was born in Bellingham and has studios on both Lummi Island and near Gainesville, Georgia. Bowman received his Master of Fine Arts Degree at Memphis College of Art, and Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Atlanta College of Art. He has worked with lithographer Wayne Kline (Tamarind Master Printer) at the Rolling Stone Press in Atlanta, and has worked as an Adjunct Professor at the Atlanta College of Art since 2001.

Concerns of the human condition and a deep connection with nature are important to Pete’s work. He bases his abstractions upon ideas of changing conditions of his physical, social and spiritual environments. His work is rich with color, texture and organic syntheses of contemplative formality and impulse drive exuberance.

Pete’s paintings and original lithographs, woodcuts and intaglio prints are included in many private collections and have been shown in numerous exhibitions at galleries and museums throughout the country.

Norbie Schmidlin

Glass panel

Norbie Schmidlin says, "Creativity is my oxygen, my strength, my spirituality. When I am in the act of creating, I am in my yogic flow, a synergetic expression, moving, playing with form, color and light. Contemplating and learning as I grow and evolve as an artist and a human being. Creating art shapes my perception of what and how I see in a profound and lovely way.

Ingrid McGarry


Ingrid McGarry was raised in the rolling hills of Barrington, Illinois and moved with her family to her father’s hometown in Sweden as a small child. A wild-child at heart, Ingrid fearlessly explored the deep forest and rocky fields around her home. Summer holidays were spent with her cousins on a small island in the Baltic Sea where they had the run of the place. It was in Sweden that she came to love the natural world in all its mystery and majesty.

Today Ingrid makes her home on Lummi Island, a place much like Sweden. In her oil paintings, she seeks to capture the ever-changing beauty of its landscape, its people and its creatures great and small.

Lynn Dee

The Raku vases and covered jars are all thrown with a white clay, containing sand. The sand makes the pieces stronger and able to withstand the shock of being pulled from the kiln, while still glowing red from the heat, and placed into a container containing hay and ferns from around the studio and smoked before being removed and allowed to cool either slowly in the case of the sculptures or more quickly with the covered jars and vases, which are plunged into water to cool and can be handled almost immediately.

Lynn loves the excitement of the Raku firing process, "It is elemental and climactic and thrills my artistic soul.”

Shona Stone Sculpture

Since the beginning of time the Shona Tribe, from Zimbabwe, have sculpted in stone. Not for money or fame or recognition, but for the love of their land, their people and the rich culture in it. It is an essential means of communicating the deep and complex nature of the relationships that are fundamental to life in Zimbabwe, incorporating all that is seen and much of what is unseen into stone.

"Shona stone sculpture is perhaps the most important new art form to emerge from Africa this century,” according to Newsweek. Shona art is surely one of the newest, most important and most increasingly collectible forms of art available today with collections found in such esteemed locations as the Rodin Museum in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt and the London Museum of Contemporary Art and in the private collections of many connoisseurs’ including both Queen Elizabeth of England and Prince Charles.
Since its emergence from Africa in the 1950’s it has gained global recognition and increasing popularity as it continually evolves to include more modern representations of traditional sources of inspiration. Evidence has recently emerged that some of the greatest artists of our time, including Pablo Picasso were influenced by early Shona Art. With new techniques and better access to tools and raw stone sourced from around Zimbabwe the new generation of artist is creating vibrant, modern, contemporary pieces that will appeal to any art collector. Lummi Island Gallery is proud to present a fine collection of this amazing work.